Did You Know Car Seats Expire?

Car seats expire because plastics do break down over time, especially when exposed to different temperatures. Also, safety technology develop so fast that car seats several years old have outdated technology, that may not protect as well as more recently engineered seats can (i.e. side impact protection standards being integrated now).

Riding in an expired car seat is also illegal. Most states require that car seats are properly used, which means according to the manufacture instructions of the vehicle and car seat, going beyond the expiration date is a violation. (Check your State Laws)

The Free Car Seat Safety Check Events take place in April and September each year at the Bowling Green Fire Department and Training Center.

If your current car seat is expired, recalled, damaged and/or missing parts or pieces. Our Child Passenger Safety Technicians will educate caregivers and replace the seat FREE of charge!

Our online registration link will go live early April: https://carseatsafetymatters.com/event-registration/


*Registration is required

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